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Chinese Rain
Chinese Rain is the most popular of all. It is a best seller. We believe its success is due to the magical combination of fragrance that combines the exotic and sensual with the fresh and healing vibrations of Mother Earth.
Chinese Rain is a timeless fragrance inspired by a combination of oriental and floral notes with an exotic hint of tropical rain. The light romantic tones of Chinese rain make this alluring scent our most popular.
  Lover's Moon:    
  Lover's Moon is composed of a warm, light, floral scent. A bouquet of fresh aromas which leave an impression of a complex, sophisticated fragrance. We bring you this formula with the blessings of the ancient Goddess combined with the purity and simplicity of your first love. Use it in love and under the moon.    
  Cleopatra's Secret:    
  Cleopatra's Secret is clear and sparkling with fresh Pacific blossoms, sunshine flowers and wild lotus. This scent is washed with delicate shades of mountain orchid. As with Cleopatra herself, our fragrance adds a seductive hint of her secrets.    
  Goddess Dreams:    
  Goddess Dreams creates an air of sensuality with the scent of earth and fire. It envelopes you in an exotic formula of green, woody magnolia and oriental ginger. A cool, harmonious blend of the ancient powers of the Goddess and nature Herself.    
  Whitestar Jasmine:    
  Close your eyes and breathe in the subtle yet enduring scent of Jasmine, that delicate, white flower that blooms in Spring and reminds us of new beginnings and familiar delights.    
  Evening Gardenia:    
  Gardenia has long been a fragrance sought after by those recognizing its seductive properties. The floral bouquet of this scent appeals to all your senses and leaves us with the hint of a beautiful, peaceful garden.    
  Fresh Vanilla:    
  Close your eyes and breathe in warm, freshly baked cookies. A memory scent of childhood and comfort. Our fragrance exudes the sweetness of vanilla mixed with a translucent touch of crispness. This fragrance gives the illusion of being positively edible.    
  Himalayan Rose:    
  Rose is a flower, a color, a tint, a blush, a dainty, fragile blossom that emits a fragrance so recognizable as to arouse immediate pleasure. Its softness lets us imagine sweetness, lightness, and innocence.    
  Indonesian Patchouli:    
  Indonesian Patchouli finds its strength from the islands of Indonesia. Imagine the heavy, distinct scent wrapping you in a fragrance reminiscent of an exotic Balinese dancer. Fabulous fingers of fragrance evoking a strong, irresistible scent.    
  Royal Amber:    
  Royal Amber is a fragrance blessed by Yakshi, the Tree Goddess of India. Its base is the crystallized tree resin collected from groves of trees in the Himalayan Mountains. It is a grounding and balancing scent connected to the earth and developed to sink into your skin and lavish you with warmth.    

All products are made by hand. This website provides Yakshi fragrances directly from the people who make them. Email: yakshi@lotuspress.com